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Goa Kaido

(An Initiative of N.D. Agrawal and Narayani Publications)

Latest of State & Central Acts, Court Rules, Order, Notification & many more..




Goa Kaido has now been listed under "CITIZEN" services on Goa Government Official portal  and NRI Commission Official portal

Welcome to Goakaido

Goakaido is online Goa Law Library initiated by Shri. N.D. Agrawal with the association of Narayani Publication with objective to provide updated publications of the State Laws. His publication “ Delegated Laws of Goa” (a compilations of the 113 Rules made by  the Goa State Government under the powers given by the Constitution of India and in the various Central Acts along with Amendments, in two separate Volumes) which was released in March, 2014.
Amendments in the Acts/ Rules/ Notifications are continuous process. Goakaido is pleased to offer to the members of the legal fraternity as well as general public online updates of the Laws of the Land.  Read more..

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Editors' Note

Mr Narayan Das Agrawal, G.C.S. (retd.)
Ex-Collector and District Magistrate of South Goa.

During my tenure in the government service at various positions, I along with other government officials faced difficulties from the non-availability of updated Acts / Rules /Laws etc. The legal practitioner and also a common man face similar issues. I do recall that Public Interest Litigation was filed in the Honorable High Court of Bombay at Panaji seeking direction to the Government to publish updated Acts/Rules/Laws etc.
I had the opportunity to work as the Director of Printing and Stationery, Government of Goa. Here in I was able to take up       Read more...

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Goa Kaido Mobile App launch
Goa Kaido Mobile App launch
Goa Kaido Mobile App launch
Goa Kaido Mobile App launch
Goa Kaido Mobile App launch
Goa Kaido Mobile App launch
Goa Kaido Mobile App launch
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Company Goal

“To make available the latest law on tip of finger”





Every effort has been made to avoid any mistake or omission. This publication is on the condition and understanding that neither the publisher, the Editors or the composer would be liable in any manner to any person by reason of any mistake

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